Melody Ward

  • In her current role, Melody supports and educates young people in a psychiatric inpatient setting.
  • A qualified Mental Health First-Aider with accreditation in Child psychology, counselling psychotherapy and mindfulness.
  • Melody works with children, young people and families to ensure that all learners have access to an appropriate education best suited to meeting their individual needs.
  • Melody is also qualified to deliver an innovative social-emotional learning curriculum designed to be taught across the key-stages.
  • STEPS-A is based on Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT). In schools a non-clinical application of this therapeutic intervention has been demonstrated to be extremely effective in helping children manage difficult emotional situations, cope with stress, and make better decisions.
  • Melody also runs training course for schools and families focusing on developing knowledge and understanding of mental health and wellbeing.

“I am passionate about improving mental health and well-being for children and young people. In my current role I see first-hand the struggle education provisions and families have when faced with young people who are experiencing difficulties with their mental health. I also work daily with young people whose mental health has deteriorated to crisis-point as a result of the pressures of school. I firmly believe in intervention and prevention. By empowering teachers, parents and carers with knowledge and confidence and incorporating social-emotional learning as part of the curriculum and family life children and young people will develop the emotional intelligence needed to be successful and resilient learners.”