Treatment Packages

There are times when you may need a more intensive package of care, such as when there are higher risks or greater distress. Examples are when a young person present with significant self harm or suicidal feelings, eating disorders, severe OCD. Many of these young people are usually referred for admission at this stage. Admission, however, takes the young person out of their environment and school and lead to a disruption of all relationships.

We offer treatment packages as an alternative to hospitalisation. Our treatment packages vary from very intensive therapeutic treatment and daily support to lesser intensity, depending on need. All packages combine individual and group therapy and family work. The packages are 12 weeks long. The packages include regular review by a child psychiatrist.

The intensive package, which includes daily support as well as some home visits is £7000.00 for 3 months and the lesser intensive package is £2500.00 for 3 months. Hospitalisation usually costs £1000 per day and medical insurances usually covers 28 days, which means that our treatment offer which is for 3 months, is £21000.00 cheaper than admission costs. We are in the process of agreeing contracts with medical insurance companies to fund the packages of care. At present CIGNA agreed to fund the packages of care and WPA will consider it on a patient to patient basis. We are in discussion with BUPA and AXA.

If you want more detail about our intensive packages, please contact us on:
[email protected] or 07864 245 2457