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Important message for the current times: Our clinic is providing business as normal, but all sessions are provided online or on Face time to protect us all and keep us safe in the face of the corona virus. These times are very difficult for families as it brings challenges we are not always prepared for such as spending a significant amount of time indoors with none of the usual support systems or structures available to us. We admire the way everyone is coping in these difficult times. We are here to support you in these times and if you have sessions booked with us, it will go ahead. Keep safe and look after yourselves. – Dr Trudie Rossouw, clinic director.

Do you feel down or anxious or do you struggle to concentrate or do you sometimes feel lonely and struggle in social situations? Or do you feel very worried about your child? Or do you struggle with school work? Or maybe you struggle with self confidence or with your appearance; or perhaps you find that you have thoughts in your mind that makes you very worried. Perhaps life has become so difficult that you sometimes harm yourself or even feel that life is not worth living; Or perhaps you just had a baby and you find yourself feeling unpleasant worries or feeling very low or even useless.

These are only some of the feelings millions of people have all over the world every day – you are not alone. And looking at this now, means you are trying to get help for yourself or your child – that means that you are very brave. Rest assure, help is at hand. Many of the feelings listed above can get better with help.

We are a group of trained professionals who will help you in a supportive, understanding and non-judgmental manner. We view people who ask for help as brave and we admire their courage.

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Our mission is to create recovery and restore resilience in all people we work with. We are invested in making a difference. We aspire to unlock the potential in everyone we work with and connect them to their dreams as well as restore bonds with those important to them.

We want to see children and young people achieve success in their lives as well as parents feeling empowered. We will deliver services that are of the highest quality and safety.

Every single person referred to our service is important and unique and we do our utmost to work in partnership with those who are referred to our service.

Regualted by Care Quality Commission
Quality Care Commision Good Inspected and rated

Who we are?

Stepping Stones clinic is a mental health clinic for children, young people, young adults and families. We offer a range of assessments and interventions that are all delivered by highly experienced clinicians. We have a multidisciplinary team of child psychiatrists, perinatal psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, family therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, child psychotherapists, dieticians as well as community paediatricians.

All our clinicians are registered with their regulatory bodies. All our interventions are based on the latest evidence. We are regulated by CQC and contracted into all medical insurances. We provide a world-class service. We monitor progress and improvement throughout every treatment delivered to ensure high quality outcomes. We work in partnership with families and their children. Every person gets a tailor-made treatment package and we aim to offer appointments and deliver treatment as soon as they are received at a time that will suit each family.

Who We Work With

We work with children of all ages, from 0 – 18 years and their families and we also work with young adults from 18 – 25. We also work with pregnant mothers and babies yet to be born.

How to Refer

We accept self-referrals; referrals from GPs, social care, schools, hospitals, or other services. The referral process is simple and does not involve a long referral form. You can call us on 07864 254 257 or send us an email on [email protected] in order to make a referral or book an appointment.

What to expect after you have been referred

You will get an appointment as soon as possible with one of our clinicians and you will be asked to complete a questionnaire in advance of your meeting with one of our clinicians. This is to help us to save some time in the first meeting. After the first meeting you may be asked to complete a few more questionnaires and you may be asked to take a questionnaire to your child’s school as well where we think more useful information can be gathered.

As you attend your first meeting, we would like you to know that we think you are very brave to have come for a meeting. We hold a respectful and non-judgemental stance and we are on your side and will work in collaboration with you to try and understand the difficulties facing you as well as trying to find a way through them. This is a journey up the mountain and you will not be on your own, we will be with you on the journey and together we will find the way through.

Initially you will be offered an assessment and following on from that, if indicated, you will be offered a treatment package. All of this will be explained to you and discussed with you, allowing you time to ask questions.

You will be left with emergency contact numbers and in cases where it is indicated where risks are higher, you will be left with a crisis plan as well. This website also has a wealth of resources under “Resources

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A bit of our trusted reviews
Client’s Testimonials

Before my daughter saw you, she told us that she had no intention in doing her exams as she was too depressed and since seeing you she wrote her exams and had 2 A’s and 2 B’s, thank you so much
For the first time I felt understood and listened to
It was comforting that you understood and helped my son in a caring and positive way
Extremely helpful and very easy to communicate with. Answered all emails/calls promptly
You have a real affinity with young ones, as a parent I learned from you too

I found you to be very intuitive and a big support for my daughter, thank you

JOHNFather of 15 year old young person
DEBBIEMum of 16 year old young person
MARIAMum of 12 year old young person
DAVEFather of 10 year old young person
REBECCAMum of 6 year old young person
CLAREMum of 16 year old young person

Our Services

Sometimes people are referred for specific assessments, such as dyslexia or other. We are aware the waiting list for these assessments are usually very long and we hope to offer you an assessment within a week or two with a detailed report. We offer a range of specific assessments, please see below. We also offer assessments and specific treatments for the conditions listed below. If you click on a condition it will tell you more what it is and what to expect in terms of treatment and it will give you an indication of the fees of the sessions.

Treatment options could be individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, parent-infant psychotherapy or medication or a combination of any of those. Additionally, we also provide daily support and home visits where indicated. We also provide sensory integration treatment, dietetic advice or speech and language interventions.

The Real Experience

“My therapy with Trudie has always been and continues to be absolutely wonderful. When I first met Trudie, I was taken aback at just how supportive and accepting she was, and still is. Our sessions together never feel like how I used to expect therapy to be like. It doesn’t matter how personal or embarrassing I feel what I might be saying may be, Trudie creates an environment that is reassuring and comforting. The mental freedom I feel after the sessions is incredible. Trudie particularly helps me overcome intrusive thoughts and gives me strategies and advice to help myself when I’m at home. I have noticed some harmful mental habits of mine gradually changing as well. Ever since my first session, I have slowly noticed my self-confidence and resilience grow. I still see, and wouldn’t want to be in the care of any other psychiatrist. Conscientious, kind, and attentive; genuinely the best mental health professional that I have ever met.”

– Sheree, 17”

Transforming Lives
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