Given us hope...

Dr Mallucci was more than lovely, so professional and understanding. She was so supportive to B and explained everything clearly. She gave us a clear plan and has given us hope. Thank you.

Anonymous, From Survey

Listened and patient...

Dr Mallucci is very nice with great patience to my son. She paid great attention to the information and she’s very professional.

Anonymous, From Survey​

Helped my daughter through depression during exams...

Before my daughter saw you, she told us that she had no intention in doing her exams as she was too depressed and since seeing you she wrote her exams and had 2 A’s and 2 B’s, thank you so much

John, Father of 15 year old young person

Professional help and understanding...

For the first time I felt understood and listened to

Debbie, Mum of 16 year old young person

Compassion, help and understanding...

It was comforting that you understood and helped my son in a caring and positive way

Maria, Mum of 12 year old young person

Prompt help and communication at all times...

Extremely helpful and very easy to communicate with. Answered all emails/calls promptly

Dave, Father of 10 year old young person

As a parent, I too have also learned from you ...

You have a real affinity with young ones, as a parent I learned from you too

Rebecca, Mum of 6 year old young person

Extremely intuitive and helpful throughout...

I found you to be very intuitive and a big support for my daughter, thank you

Clare, Mum of 16 year old young person

Thank you for being so patient and understanding. Your positive and calm manner made us feel at ease whilst your questions  demonstrated your wonderful approach to our young person’s challenges.

Excellent service. I felt I was given time and useful advice.

I would like to thank Dr Eparu for her kindness and reassurance. She really was brilliant and both myself and my son found the experience positive and a huge relief that somebody finally understood his difficulties and was willing and able to help.

Thank you for giving our daughter the opportunity to receive support and guidance in managing her symptoms of OCD.

Excellent service. I’m confident we can now find the way forward for my daughter.

Cannot recommend the Psychiatrist we had our appointment with enough. She fully engaged my daughter. We felt listened to, her questions were direct which worked extremely well for us.

Dr Eparu met my child at their level and was very understandable and approachable. I felt that she really gave me and my child a chance to tell our story. She didn’t use unnecessary jargon and channelled warmth despite the consultation being on Zoom.

Overall a very good first appointment.

Dr Eparu was exceptionally clear with her feedback and next steps.

It was the best care we have had so far.

Dr Trudie put us all at ease and was understanding and caring in her approach.

Dr Trudie Rossouw was amazing. Our girls, although nervous (because of their experience previously with NHS CAMHS) really liked her. She listened to them carefully and spoke in a kind mannerism that the girls understood. They both felt cared for in such a short space of time, and trusted her. The experience thus far is a world apart from our NHS experience: we feel respected, listened to and understood. We are pleased that we were able to be seen, and the communications between ourselves and Mandy has also been excellent – always responsive and kind. Thank you from us all.

Excellent doctor. We look forward to continuing to work with Dr Eparu

Overall a very helpful discussion for us, for something we are finding rather difficult. We felt we have taken some steps towards helping our daughter. Thank you.
Great service – worth the wait!

Very impressed with the quality and efficiency of the service, both clinically and from an administrative perspective. It has so far exceeded my expectations, and I’ve already recommended you to others for ADHD assessments.

Excellent and very personal service. Thank you

Very helpful session indeed. I wish I had sorted this sooner for my daughter.

This is the first time every I have received a report and not had to send back any amendments. I am so grateful to how Dr Rossouw was with our daughter and how she was with her. I have already recommended her to a friend. Please pass on our thanks.

Very good service.

Excellent service.

We were very relieved to be seen by Dr Trudie. Although the conversations were difficult, we felt that we are hopefully heading towards our son getting better.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Absolutely brilliant service.

After ten years feel we are in safe hands.

This is the first time my daughter has felt heard and understood since she became unwell. It has left her feeling more positive about her future and more willing to believe she will get better. Thank you so much.

Dr Mallucci was amazing during consultation with my son. He felt comfortable opening up to her about his issues and felt she understood his problems and advised of the correct treatment plan to benefit him and to help him get the support he needs.

A very pleasant experience. The doctor gave us lots of time to share concerns and ask questions, as well as offering well-reasoned advice and support. My daughter does not engage well with most professionals, but the doctor put her at ease, which meant that she felt comfortable expressing herself freely.

Really appreciated patient approach, thank you. NB our appt was with Dr Mallucci.

Friendly open environment. Welcoming.

Amazing service, very friendly and relaxing atmosphere. Very happy with outcome. Would definitely recommend.

We couldn’t think of anything that would improve this first-class service.

Excellent concise consultation.

Everything about the apt was so professional with kindness, compassion, gentleness and strength. Thank you Dr. Trudie Rossouw.

It was a very intense session for both myself and my daughter but we both felt we were in very good hands which was very reassuring. Thank you.

We were very grateful to have an in-person appointment as this made a lot of difference to our son, who would not have engaged with a video-call appointment. We felt listened to and understood, and are happy with the follow-up communications.

Mel and Marie are an amazing team – I really can’t begin to imagine where my son and I would be now without all your help – thank you.

Alice is very kind, understanding & easy to talk to!

Thank you – a very calm experience during a very stressful time.

Dr Mallucci has an excellent manner with my son and made him feel comforted at a difficult time in his life. Thank you.

Anxious teenager – I would have imagined that building rapport would be slow going but Dr Mallucci was so warm and kind my son felt instantly at ease.

Dr.Mallucci was great, very patient and understanding. Thank you so much for all your time and help.

The treatment is really helping my son and we are very grateful. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

The service provided by Trudie Rossouw was professional, empathic and high quality.

Dr Rossouw was professional, courteous, empathic; both my daughter and I left her room feeling like the weight of the world had been lifted from our shoulders.

Felt very supported and informed. Dr Trudie was very generous with her time.

Trudie is fantastic and very skilled and knowledgeable. She put us both at ease and asked very useful questions to shed light on the issues.

Very happy with the consultation – thank you.

Trudi was lovely, calm, professional, made you feel at ease and just wonderful

Just very satisfied. Thank you.

Although O was initially upset at going to the appointment. Dr Rossouw put O at ease and was very caring & helpful. Thank you in advance again for the short notice appointment; it gave us all reassurance as a family. Simply thank you.

Thank you so much. I feel like there is now a plan – all I want is for my son to be well. This is a step in the right direction and he is now getting the help he needs.

Having been bounced around different NHS systems for years, this appointment came as a huge relief for both of us.

At all stages, Dr Rossouw and Ms Cashman were clear, kind and understanding.

We were all very impressed by Dr Rossouw and wish we had found her sooner.

A lovely lady who made my daughter feel very at ease.

It feels like a turning point for J and we are very grateful.

Dr Rossouw was excellent and her involvement with our daughter has already made a huge improvement to family life

Dr Rossouw made us feel relaxed and understood. Many thanks.

Thank you Marie for your wonderful course. F really enjoyed coming (even if he didn’t show it!)

I can’t thank you enough Kushla for your warmth, empathy, serenity & intuition. You have made such a difference to our lives and we will always remember the impact you had on us.

An excellent service and my daughter felt very positive after meeting with Dr Rossouw.

Thanks for seeing J so quickly!

Alice was very understanding and insightful.

Judith is lovely

Great support and advice

Dr Mallucci made the whole experience very friendly and did everything that she could to reassure my daughter throughout our appointment. We received a thorough report after the assessment and have been given advice on our next steps which have been invaluable. I would highly recommend Dr Mallucci to anyone who has a child in need of support.

Very assured and pleased with the appointment.

“S” is loving Marie’s course and we’ve seen huge improvements in her wellbeing

Dr Rossouw was brilliant and I wish I’d arranged for my daughter to see her a long time ago. 

My daughter connected to Dr Rossouw which is very difficult to do , she explained everything very clearly and was so patient 

We feel that we are at the beginning of a long journey, but that we are now in safe hands.

I can’t thank Gillian enough for your kindness and help in organising an appointment with Dr Rossouw. Thank you so much for your empathy and trying to help us at this awful time, it is greatly appreciated.

So pleased I booked this appointment it’s been a huge relief to actually feel listened and understood by someone in this area of mental health and I wish I had done it years ago for my daughter. We feel positive now for getting a better future for her and support thank you.

Absolutely fantastic. After years of struggling it was amazing to speak to someone who understood and recognised all the difficulties my daughter has been having. Thankyou.

After the initial session with Marie, we found her amazing and feel she can help our boy very much.

The service was excellent. It was such a relief to speak to someone who clearly understood our concerns and responded accordingly. Thank you so much. 

Feel very confident that our daughter will now get the help she needs 

My daughter and I appreciate all the support we have had from Stepping Stones

I am so relieved that we came to see Dr Rossouw. We are getting the medication needed and the further help, which we need.

Overall, very happy with the service we got.

I found Dr Trudie to be very very understanding and explanatory

I was not the patient but found I was supported just as much as my son. I wish he wasn’t stopping but grateful a door has been open and I hope he will revisit. Previously it was bolted. Both my son and I are in such a better place and have some peace to be able to move forward. I has feel strong enough to try and hold him again on my own.

Trudie, Mel and Marie are an amazing team – I really can’t begin to imagine where P and I would be now without all your help – thank you

Dr Neal was extremely helpful to whole family and summarised everything in detail.

Juanita was wonderfully helpful, light at the end of the tunnel.

Dr Rossouw was lovely and very helpful. We really appreciated her time.

The feeling of support and hope we both came away with was huge and S’s spirit was certainly lifted.

Thank you Trudie for all the help and many acts of kindness that you showed to our daughter over the time that she was under your care.

We have valued Dr Rossouw’s support more than you can imagine.

Thank you so much Trudie for your very helpful treament and advice which is already making a huge difference to J and our family.

We are very happy with Vicky’s caring support for our daughter.

At last a professional heard what we were saying and gave us practical advice! Response from survey. A lovely safe environment presented by Dr Rossouw who spoke kindly and comprehensively to both adult and child. I felt it was a very satisfactory and successful consultation with an appropriate conclusion for further treatment being reached with my daughters needs and wishes fully considered.

The therapist has been excellent and extremely approachable.

Mandy is excellent in her work, very efficient.

I found Gillian Copland to be kind and helpful as well as always approachable.

Dr Ioanna Vouvra has been the most supportive and steady guide we’ve had through this whole experience. I don’t quite know what we’d have done without her.

Some of the work Dr Rossouw is doing is really incredible and I have great respect for her.

I would like to let you know how grateful I am for your help because you are the first person I feel has understood, respected and taken me seriously from the moment I met you. I am sure your help will change my life for the better and I couldn’t be more grateful for this. Thank you.

My daughter felt that she was understood and that the help she was receiving/would receive in the future would help her make the progress she wants for herself.

Great service, made to feel very welcome.

Very nurturing environment.

Dr Rossouw was extremely welcoming and put my very anxious daughter at ease. She listened to her feelings extremely well. The prep before the meeting was great, it ensured that Dr Rossouw had a comprehensive picture of my daughter before meeting her so the consultation was concentrated on the areas it needed to be.

It was a great appointment and C is really excited about the future. She keeps saying “mum can you imagine it? I will be able to concentrate in school and remember things. C really liked Trudie and thought she was easy to talk to.

I wish we had found you sooner. The appointment exceeded our expectations and we are so grateful to be working with you.

I found Dr Rossouw to be very understanding and supportive. I would recommend her and felt very relieved to have a diagnosis.

We felt Trudie understood us and spoke to us in a language we could relate to both as adults and to our child. Very happy and we look forward to an ongoing relationship for the better good of our son.

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