Dr Mallucci was more than lovely, so professional and understanding. She was so supportive to B and explained everything clearly. She gave us a clear plan and has given us hope. Thank you.
Dr Mallucci is very nice with great patience to my son. She paid great attention to the information and she’s very professional.
AnonymousFrom Survey
Before my daughter saw you, she told us that she had no intention in doing her exams as she was too depressed and since seeing you she wrote her exams and had 2 A’s and 2 B’s, thank you so much
JohnFather of 15 year old young person
“For the first time I felt understood and listened to”
DebbieMum of 16 year old young person
It was comforting that you understood and helped my son in a caring and positive way
MariaMum of 12 year old young person
Extremely helpful and very easy to communicate with.  Answered all emails/calls promptly
DaveFather of 10 year old young person
You have a real affinity with young ones, as a parent I learned from you too
RebeccaMum of 6 year old young person
I found you to be very intuitive and a big support for my daughter, thank you
ClareMum of 16 year old young person
Alice was very understanding and insightful.
AnonymousFrom Survey