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Depression and Mood Disorders Treatment

Young people or children presenting with the following could be feeling depressed: Lack of interest in things that they were interested in before; lack of ability to enjoy things; withdrawing themselves; feeling tearful or irritable; lack of concentration; changes in sleep pattern; changes in appetite; having many negative thoughts or feelings about themselves; sense of worthlessness; sense of hopelessness and sometimes strong guilt feelings and at times, feelings that life is not worth living.
Young people often suffer in silence and do not tell anyone that they are feeling depressed. Young people often try and hide their feelings and may work very hard at looking happy. It is a myth that children and young people cannot get depressed. They can get very depressed and it often goes unnoticed by everyone close to them for as long as several years.
Sometimes young people describe severe mood swings in that they feel talkative, energetic, full of ideas and on top of the world for a short while, followed by a deep depression and despair. Periods of heightened irritability can also be experienced. Mood swings such as this may need to be assessed further to explore whether someone may have an underlying bipolar disorder.
Treatment for depression can involve individual therapy, family therapy or group DBT or a combination of the treatments mentioned. We offer CBT, DBT, psychodynamic therapy, MBTA. At times it is also necessary to combine the treatment with medication. Therapy is usually 12 weeks in duration but can be longer or shorter, depending on your need.

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