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Autistic Spectrum Conditions: Assessment and Interventions

Autism is a lifelong disability which affects the way people perceive the world. It is a wide spectrum and people on the spectrum can be high functioning, like Einstein was or low functioning where they do not have the ability to communicate with language. Nowadays we know so much more about autism than we did in the past. People with autism are very sensitive and frequently perceive much more detail from the world around them than other people do. This can sometimes be overwhelming for them and lead to anxiety. People with autism often have high levels of anxiety. It is often a misperception that people with autism are not sensitive to the feelings of others, at times they can be very sensitive to the feelings of others.
Young people growing up with autism often describe that they always feel different to other children and because they feel different they think of themselves as abnormal. Making the diagnosis can set people free and can help them realise that they are not abnormal, but that they are just different. This difference can also be a gift as history has shown us that there are many successful people in life who have autism. In fact, if we look at most of the new developments in our modern world today, most of it has been driven by somebody who had autism. With this difference comes a phenomenal gift. It is therefore helpful to make the diagnosis when it is present, so that young people can stop thinking of themselves as abnormal and so that they can use their energies rather to live out their true talents so that they can blossom in life. There is no reason why someone with autism cannot have a very successful, fulfilled and happy life. People with autism can have relationships like anyone else. People with autism can have any career like anyone else. People with autism often excel at their career choices, providing they go into a career that they feel passionate about.

We offer ASC (Autistic Spectrum Condition) assessments and an assessment usually involves:

Following the assessment we produce a detailed report as well as reports for education and guidance for schools. We provide post diagnostic therapeutic interventions, depending on what is needed, whether it may be individual therapy, family work or at times where there is presentation of risk, we may suggest our DBT group. We are planning to develop family workshops for those diagnosed with ASC. We also provide support and guidance to parents. Where needed we will discuss medication.

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