My Child is Running Away

My child is running away, what should I do?

Traffic light: Running away

Stay alert:

My child occasionally talks about running away, what should I do?

Take steps:

I am not sure if my child has run away or is just late, what should I do?


My child has run away and this is out of their character or that you are worried that they may feel suicidal or vulnerable, what should I do immediately?

This can be a normal reaction when problems build up. It is ok to feel like this and your child might just need your supportPhone their friendsPhone the police and have a recent photo handy
Stay calm and ask your child if they would like to talk?Phone your child and leave a voicemail and text and tell them that you are concerned and not angry and that if you do not hear from them, that you will need to call the policeAsk a friend or relative to be with you
Ask them what they are feeling or what happened to make them feel like it?If they do not call back, call the policeThink of places they may go or places they have mentioned
Don’t get angry, anxious or defensive, stay calm and let them know you would like to understand and help and that you do not judge them  
Help them feel safe  

Based on MindEd

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