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Treatment for Eating Disorders

Most people are unhappy with their bodies some of the time – thinking they are too fat, too thin, or just the wrong shape. This can be especially true for teenagers whose bodies are changing a lot, often very quickly. These worries will generally pass with time.
Many people try out diets and usually this is not a problem. However, sometimes, eating patterns can become unhealthy, for example if you eat too much or too little because you are feeling unhappy or stressed. It can be easier to control the way you eat than to cope with painful feelings. Over time, this can become dangerous to your emotional and physical health.
There are different kinds of eating problems and disorders – some are more serious than others. All eating difficulties are worrying. If you find that you think about your eating all the time as well as losing weight, that it becomes an eating problem. For some young people, their eating problems become more serious and extreme either by not eating or over-eating so that their physical health, and in some cases even their lives, can be put at high risk. Their everyday life at home and in school may well be seriously disrupted.
We treat eating disorders which are not too severe. If young people’s weight is so low that their lives may be at risk, we would suggest that it would be best to be treated by a specialist eating disorder team with access to inpatient beds if that may be required.
In terms of treatment we offer a range of individual and family therapy. We would combine all therapies with dietetic support and input as well as regular blood tests and ECG tests done by your GP. You will also have very regular psychiatric session in order to assess and manage risk. Medication may be prescribed if indicated.

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